Happy Easter!

Hello Beautiful people!

I hope you are well and your Easter weekend was lovely. I am here with a new slightly random blog post. On Easter Monday, I woke up feeling a little down for no real reason (don’t you hate it when that happens? I know I do- Makes me feel a little neurotic -_- ) So anyway, I woke up wanting to eat something a little different from the usual and anybody who knows me knows that I am not the biggest fan of cooking but I am very good at eating tasting other people’s goodness in the Kitchen 😀  (don’t judge me^^)

Well, once in a while,  I feel inspired enough to get off my behind and whip up something.  And yesterday, in the midst of my crankiness, I was in the mood for some fried yams. This is the stuff I go for each time I want to eat something that reminds me of Home (Benin that is ) But being the lazy cook that I am,  I bought ready made grilled chicken to go with it. Speaking of home, I also made a nice omelet with tomatoes (looove!!), onions (eeeww!!) and yellow peppers (yess!!) just like my sisters and I used to make back in the day in Benin.

Finally, I have been trying to eat healthy-ish lately – lots of veggies and I am a new lover of smoothies. So I added some broccolis to balance the whole thing out (plus I looove me some broccolis 🙂




So this was my nice Easter Monday meal. I hope you like it.

In the meantime, have a wonderful week!

Be Intentional – Stay Awhile


One thought on “Happy Easter!

  1. yennyx says:

    Home in a plate!!! … or rather fast food with a touch of green!! Smooth…

    I love the realness of this post and the mess in your plate! Bon appetit.. and Thanks for the voyage!!!

    Next time, let’s spend more time in the kitchen… 😛 It’s the best part 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I would say let’s make a cook out of you but I know that will only happen … ( hummm let’s see…) never!!! 😮

    Till your next random post …

    Love & Light


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