Shades of Cool

Hellos Beautiful People,

Today I come to you with one of my most recent obsession: everything Kaki!! To be honest, I have been obsessed with this olive color for quite some time – more or less since last summer.

So this past month, I felt pretty uninspired (which explains my lack of posts) and I think it was due to the weather being so miserable (and my laziness too – let’s not lie). Eventually though, I made myself get off my bum and go outside to shoot a little. Ironically enough, that day the weather was completely terrible until we started shooting and then the sun come out of hiding.

Anyway, this is it. I am showcasing this fluid coat that I have been living in for the past few months and these new espadrilles that I stumbled one day after a job interview and this hat that is my first EVER large hat and I looooveee. I need more hat like these for my bad hair days (you do not want to know what was happening under it trust me -_-) DSC_0179





Hat: Forever 21; Coat: Pimkie; Denim shirt: old; Black Jeans: Zara; Men’s Black shirt: Jules; Shoes: Promod




Anybody that knows me knows I am a lover of the simplest combo: Jeans & a T-shirt. That is my ‘uniform’ anytime I don’t want to think too hard about what to wear. It’s pretty basic but I hope you like it.

Thank you for stopping by 😉

– Be Intentional – Stay awhile –

Capture d’écran 2016-01-17 à 14.23.39

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