Hey guys,

I hope you are doing great. How is the second half of the year treating you? I’ve seen better days but I have decided to push through anyway. After all, life throws us curve balls and we just have to keep moving right? So I move and I move and I move some more. We all go through difficult experiences but there is always room for improvement.

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Natural Hair Academy

Hello beautiful people!

How was your weekend? I hope it was as fun and inspiring as mine!

I had the chance to attend a superb event this past saturday and I am here to tell you all bout it.  I’ve wanted to go to this event since the first edition 5 years ago but for one reason or another, I just couldn’t so this year I told myself I would find a way and go. It was more out of curiosity at first but now I am so very glad that I took part. It was truly incredible to see so many beautiful women embracing their natural hair and magical black beauty. There were numerous stands by many different brands where we could purchase products by that brand but what I loved the most were the workshops. I wish I could have attended more of them but I only attended 3 of them.

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